Well, here I am. Pursuing one of my passions. What else to say? I was born in Germany, grew up there, worked for a couple of years before leaving for Paris, where I still live. This beautiful city. City of lights, intellectuals, chic and obvious contradictions. I love traveling, by preference on a motorbike (imho best thing ever invented).

Photography came to me when I was still growing up, and I count myself lucky to have discovered the chemistry in (and of) a darkroom. The moments when images come alive have not lost their magic to me. Technology certainly has changed, the magic remains.

Coming from the film side, I very much enjoy getting out the digital images on paper. What’s the point of keeping all the images on your device? You cannot touch them, feel them, breath them.

And boy, what possibilities do we have today compared to 30 years back. Photography has been and will always be a miracle to me. A wondrous world, in which photography is a vector of communication. Welcome to my world. Enjoy.